About Us

Who are we?


With a highly experienced staff of cleaners, Southern House Cleaning is the premier cleaning service for those in Metro Atlanta and its surrounding areas.

With dedication to helping families get their free time back, we are committed to helping our customers have their homes and their sanity back. We understand how difficult it is to manage all of the tasks on your plate right now at with work, family, friends, volunteering, pets, etc.

And while you want to do it all, sometimes it's the cleaning that doesn't quite get done. With our thorough and time-conscious residential cleaning services, we will not only clean your home the way you like it, but we'll also give you an opportunity to get your free time back. No longer do you have to spend every spare moment trying to keep up with the dust and the dirt we'll do it for you.

We are Committed to Your Satisfaction

From thorough training to high quality standards, Southern House Cleaning is committed to making sure each and every visit to your home leaves you smiling and satisfied. You should never worry when someone Comes to clean your home, nor should you have to clean up the things they might have missed

If our cleaners do miss something, let us know immediately and we will correct the situation. We want you to be as happy as possible. After all, if you wanted to do the work yourself, why pay someone else?


We are committed to Cleanliness

Each time our cleaners come to your home, we will make sure we leave it sparkling and sanitized. We want your home to be thoroughly cleaned, from top to bottom

allowing you the chance to reclaim your free time and enjoy your life. We will clean up your messes, so you don't have to. That's our mission and we do accept it